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K7K 353

[DSL] Very Slow teksavvy MLPPP for last 48hrs - Kingston ON

Extremely slow MLPPP in Kingston ON area for last 48 hrs. Teksavvy support says my DSL lines are good quality and no issues on their end. I have tested each modem individually, flashed the linksys WRT54GL router with two versions of tomato firmware (1.19 and 1.27), double checked the MLPPP settings according to the teksavvy MLPPP FAQ site, and still no joy. My settings mirror the FAQ walkthrough for MLPPP setup on the FAQ site. Individually, on each modem and each DSL line, I get an average of 5.0Mbps download and 1.2Mbps upload. (This is normal and acceptable) As soon as they are bonded and MLPPP is in use, I get an average of 1.2Mbps download and 500kbps upload. (Not normal and not acceptable). Can anyone shed some light on this ? What have I missed ? Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.
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Re: [DSL] Very Slow teksavvy MLPPP for last 48hrs - Kingston ON

What are the line stats for each line? Care to paste them?


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Only guess i have is packet fragmentation i recall having to manually Change the packets to be smaller or the Mlpp caused fragmentation and retransmits killing speed.
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K7K 353
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Problem has been solved ! Completed further testing with teksavvy support over the phone and problem was identified with bell equipment. Over 40% packet loss on each dsl line was the symptom. Thank you teksavvy for the excellent customer support.

TSI Keith
Glad to hear we were able to get this worked out. Thank you for taking the time to confirm this!

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