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Tempe, AZ

Business Insider rips Android crowd, bunch of do nothings


Is It Time To Conclude That Android Gadgets Are Bought By People Who Don't Actually Do Anything With Them?

For the last couple of years, sales of Android-based smartphones have been smoking every other kind of smartphone, including the iPhone.
Android phones now account for nearly 75% of the global smartphone market. The next closest competitor is iPhones, which have about 15% of the market.
In the U.S., Android is clubbing iPhone 53% to 34%.
Given such a disparity in phone sales and usage, you would think that things people do with smartphones--smartphone-based activities--would be equally dominated by Android.
But they aren't.
They're not even equal.
In fact, iPhone users completely dominate Internet-based smartphone activities.
A recent survey of mobile web usage found that a staggering 60% of mobile web visits came from iOS devices, while only 20% came from Android.
A study IBM did of Black Friday online sales showed much the same thing--except that it was even more skewed.
iOS (iPads and iPhones) accounted for nearly 20% of Black Friday sales.
Android devices, meanwhile, accounted for only 5.5%.
What's up with that?
Are Android devices mostly used by digitally incurious people who don't do anything with them?
Are Android devices mostly owned by people who don't shop online?
Analyst Horace Dediu of Asymco put together an excellent chart that shows the full findings from the IBM Black Friday report. As you'll see, despite Android phones outselling iPhones and Android-based tablets now grabbing a significant chunk of the tablet market, the percentage of Black Friday activity on these Android gadgets is pathetic. (Click for larger).

Horace Dediu, Asymco, IBM
It seems like something is just fundamentally wrong with the Android platform, at least when it comes to interactive engagement by Android users. This has big implications for app makers, media companies, advertisers, and commerce companies, so it's time we got to the bottom of what's going on here. Please send any interesting info our way...

St John'S, NL
Men, people said the same thing about the phone itself when it first came out. Google has been slow out of the gate in terms of its market, but with its rebranding into the Play store, we will see those numbers change.
It's one thing to listen to an idiot talk. As soon as you respond, there are now 2 idiots having a conversation.

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Mentor, OH
reply to DarkSithPro
Back when I got my first tablet, oh so many years ago *chuckles*, I shopped Itunes and loaded it up with a bunch of stuff I seldom use.

With my Nexus 7, I'm trying to be a tad smarter and buy stuff that I will use.

Hence, I haven't purchased that much on it, but it's used more then the older Ipad.

I think the author is a little biased towards Apple.
Is a person a failure for doing nothing? Or is he a failure for trying, and not succeeding at what he is attempting to do? What did you fail at today?.

Idledale, CO
reply to DarkSithPro
Nothing wrong with Android. Lets us do what we want, how we want to do it.

Maybe Android users are intelligent enough to read articles about when is the best time to shop for the best bargains. It isn't always the holidays.

Downingtown, PA
reply to DarkSithPro
I think they are trying to make news.

I have 2 towers, 2 laptops, a tablet and a phone. Why would I use the phone or tablet to shop. Especially with my fat fingers.

Sandy, UT
reply to DarkSithPro
I don't need to visit websites to obtain information. I get most of mine via widgets. You also need to look at the type of person that needs to have an iPhone vs the types of people that go with Android phones.

But, as mentioned in a prior post... what does website hit have to do with anything? Who cares how many websites Android users are visiting vs iPhone users.

Got Mouse?
Bristol, CT
reply to DarkSithPro
Another stupid, pointless article. For example, I use my GSII to check and respond to emails, GPS, take notes, play the occasional game, check my schedule, make phone calls (whod'a thunk?), watch occsaional you-tube videos, and once in a great while...but not often...look up something on the internet. My actual on-line time with this phone is not all that great, but then, I am either within reach of a notebook, or my tablet most of the day. Were I away from my notebook and tablet, then I'd spend more time on-line with my phone.

If I owned an iphone, my browsing/on-line habits would not differ one iota.
Deeds, not words

El Quintron
Resident Mouth Breather
Etobicoke, ON
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reply to DarkSithPro
This editorial is very poor, even by stock jock pronouncement standards.

A smartphone is a tool, nothing more nothing less, just because it can't be quantified by someone who makes a living forcasting the market doesn't make it a bad tool all of a sudden.

That's like saying that the hammer as an invention has failed because hammer owners aren't hammering away 24/7.
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Irreverent or irrelevant?
Kelowna, BC
reply to DarkSithPro
The answer is easy. Android folks aren't mindless sheep that have to have every app made.

I use what I need, and they are free. Horace Dediu doesn't have clue one.
I'm not anti-social, I just don't like stupid people.

Madera, CA
reply to DarkSithPro
Makes sense to me. Buy an IPhone=no money left for computer=shop on IPhone. Buy an IPad=no money left for computer=shop on tablet.
Iphone. Helping computer illiteracy become popular since 2007

Lone Wolf
reply to DarkSithPro
said by DarkSithPro:

Is It Time To Conclude That Android Gadgets Are Bought By People Who Don't Actually Do Anything With Them?

Looks like a quote or are you asking?
Another 4 years of Hope and Change.
The rich will still get richer and the poor get an Obamaphone and Food Stamps. lol

I Did It My Way
Summerville, SC
reply to DarkSithPro
I somewhat have to agree with the article. Of course there are the technical type who love Android and will fully utilize them. I was at my neighbors house and she said she wanted to get a smartphone. She already had an Android! She had no clue you could downloads apps with it. She never heard of the play store or had any idea how to transfer music to it.

I think Google is partly at fault here. They need to do more generic ads to get the word out to the 'rest' of the consumers what an Android phone is. Some of their ads on TV are not very clear to the non techie type. My Mom recently inquired why I don't have a smartphone anymore!! That's because I bought a Galaxy S3 and she thought only Apple had smartphones.