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Flushing, NY

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reply to tymoney321

Re: Speedtest fine but huge lag, latency & packet loss in Queens

Well they replaced my modem(charged me too) and checked the connections in my building. It was all futile as the problem still persists. They disregarded anything I had to say. The tech was adamant that there is nothing they could do due my speed tests showing up fine. He also claimed he wasn't seeing any packet loss.

Called back time warner cable after the meeting giving them a mouthful, their response "We can't escalate tickets here, we can only send out techs", call back the tech who was at my house "well there's not much we can do, I'll send an email". FFS! I have no choice but to swap providers.

Any suggestions since FIOS is not available in my area.


Forest Hills, NY
·Time Warner Cable

maybe upgrade to business class cable?

then - they have to provision you better.

if you have a POTs line, get VerizonDSL

last year i had a 5-7m/786 line but at least is was spotless.


Flushing, NY

I think the max I can get on VerizonDSL would be 3.


New York, NY

I saw you posted on the direct support. What are they telling you there?


Flushing, NY
reply to tymoney321

email twcable.help@twcable.com and you will probably get a reply from Stephanie S. Social Media Representative

she will get an actual supervisor to call you


Flushing, NY

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I am talking to both Time Warner Cable Direct and Stephanie. They are both just asking me to provide updated ping/tracert at the moment. Hopefully it leads to something.

My speed tests have gone to shit with this new modem. Hooray for service calls making things worse.


I don't know, happened to my upload and download.

Edit:Both Stephanie and TWC Direct (And the tech from my house) all have escalated my issue. Back to normal speedtests and I'm having no problems I just had my first perfect line test - »/pingtest/7397···/2965760

Let's hope that hiccup was them fixing my line and this continues longterm:)

Edit again: spoke too soon problem is back in full force


New York, NY

Hey tymoney321,

Sorry to hear you're having problems still. I'm in the same boat. Had technician come over today, but changing wires didn't fix it, so Tier 3 is currently looking into my problems.

Hopefully they find something- this has been going on for two weeks. Tough not having a reliable internet to wind down after a long day of work :P