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Greenville, TX
reply to Steve Mehs

Re: Tired of waiting for LTE

That's not bad, but not great. This is my first personal LTE phone with Sprint (well, it's a work phone) and I'm not sure if their upload is just naturally slower or what, but I've gotten 15+ mbps upstream with Verizon.

Either way, I don't blame you for expecting more.. it should be better!



Upload on Sprint's LTE wont be the best until the network is completely upgraded in your area or you have full signal. If you have full LTE signal you should see 18 Megabit/s up MAX. Sprint uses a 5x5 MHz LTE carrier. 5 MHz for downstream and 5 MHz for upstream resulting in 37 Megabit/s down and 18 Megabit/s up per carrier, per sector.

Steve Mehs
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reply to LightS

And it only continues to get better

Yesterday’s result was from the suburbs. This is what I got when I was in the heart of downtown Buffalo earlier this morning, a few minutes before 7AM. And this was the second fastest result today. The fastest was 6.86 Mb Down but that was at 5AM.

The question posed, why do you need these insane speeds on a cell phone. Well I don’t, but like I said, after reading posts on this site for the past three years bashing Sprint, bashing their wimax network and every one bowing down to suck the dick of Verizon and their ‘awesome’ LTE network has me scratching my head. What many people don’t realize is that Sprint and/or Clear unofficially launched a ton of wimax ‘markets’ and I use that term very loosely, in order to keep their licenses. I’ve been to some smaller towns in the middle of nowhere, where there are pockets of wimax coverage, the signal is not as strong is in official markets, and I was still able to achieve 6-10Mb down. While I wasn’t expecting 30Mb plus around the clock with Verizon, I can’t achieve speeds faster than 15Mb down, which is on par with what I was getting with Sprint when I was in Rochester using wimax.
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Greenville, TX

True - I suppose it was more of a question. lol.

I suppose we get good luck with both networks.

Here are all of the tests I've done today on my iPhone 5 - most with about 2-3 bars, the 25+mbps being at full signal.