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reply to Juggernaut

Re: [BC] Shaw is a rip-off

said by Juggernaut:

No, you've missed the fact that I have a 1 TB drive (and, more coming) so I don't need that crap.

Thats the solution, stressing local storage. Nobody really needs cloud but they try and present it to the average user as the greatest thing to happen to modern computing, while completely ignoring any of the points mentioned above.

Average user is going to watch the propoganda on tv for it and think "oh this is easy" and be fooled, which will only add to the population base that they will point out every time enthusiast users have anything to say against the concept.
Personally I have 1TB of SSD RAID in my main machine along with a NAS that has 6TB mirrored, sad fact is most home users don't even know what NAS stands for let alone how to implement one and they will just add to the statistics that encourage more and more companies to implement cloud storage.

Likewise... even KIA found a niche in the car market, but you don't see any race or rally car drivers driving them They also cater to that bottom basic user, and that's a scary huge percentage.

Irreverent or irrelevant?
Kelowna, BC
said by Baud1200:

Thats the solution, stressing local storage.

If you don't have control over it, you don't own it. Strong security measures are required.

How could anyone entrust their life (pics, docs, music etc.) to something not under their control? Servers are seized, crash, or the company goes tits up.

There are plenty of recent examples of that. No thanks.
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