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Richmond, KY

[TWC] Running cable in my yard?

I have an odd question, I tried to get TWC moved from one house to another when I moved. They said not a problem, we can get you service there. The technician came out and said that he couldn't hook me up as he had to run the cable up the easements from the pedestal and couldn't run it through another persons yard, and going the long way the cable length would be too long.

This makes sense, except I told him that everything between me and the pedestal was my yard, a small portion is fenced and I think he thought everything outside of the fence wasn't mine.

Once I told him this, he changed his story to they couldn't run cable through the yard... unless things have changed, shouldn't they be able to run the cable, trench it and call it good?

I'm thinking he just didn't want to do the work, I want to get them back out and have them do it, just not sure if i'm looking at it wrong or if i'm missing something!




You might ask this question in the TWC Direct forum and let someone from TWC advise you on what to do, or what the problem might be (if any.) Perhaps they can tell you how to get around the technician to be sure the issue is being handled properly. Here's the link:

»Time Warner Cable Direct


Richmond, KY

Ya I was gonna go that route next, was just curios if anyone had experienced the same or maybe there was a general law/guideline I just didn't know about!

I'll run with the direct support and see what they say, thanks for replying!