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Randolph, NJ
reply to danman48

Re: WOO! Update your iPad FIOS APP...live streaming TV

I loaded the app this morning. First, it didn't sync to my DVR so I had to hard reset the ipad (no great shakes). But after that, when I attempt to view the DVR with the app, it reboots my STB! WTF!!!

Yes, the live stream works so I can just keep the ipad with me in my office and watch a few cable shows but it would be great if I could stream off the DVR and watch my recordings on the ipad.

As usual, the app is pretty buggy. Oh well.


I was just about to post the same thing.

For me, my STB reboots on this apps startup screen. I can not even access the channel lists.

This just started to happen today, bc this did not happen the last time I used this app, which was a few days ago.

Idk if I should call and report this directly to VZ or not. Plus I don't know if this is a nightly build fix for the STB rebooting , or not.


Lynn, MA
reply to nismofreak
I also had the same problem about 30 minutes ago. Brought up the app to stream CNN to my office while I work and five minutes later, my wife yells up from the family room that the TV went black. I checked all three boxes plus my DVR and they had all rebooted. Hopefully this is not an ongoing issue but just a hiccup.


Has this been fixed yet ? When it is corrected, can someome please post that it is fixed here. I did call support, but the CSR was not helpful at all. He did not know that the was an app that steamed anything.

Ironically, he did say it will be fixed in 72-96 hours. But I bet he was just saying that for the hell of it.

Thank You.


New York, NY
Yes,received email from vz asking to reboot STB manually and retry. It fixed the issue for me


Lynn, MA
reply to Webcobbler
After my boxes rebooted yesterday, it worked fine for the two hours I had it running. I have not tried it today.


Hawthorne, NJ
This would sure work look good on my Samsung S3... Verizon are you listening? Samsung alone has sold 80 million + of this Android phone alone, why in the world was an android app not released on the same day as the apple app?! I got a nice Xoom tablet waiting to stream as well....