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Port Coquitlam, BC
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Re: [BC] No options

Part of me thinks troll... while the other part thinks really old guy, who does not understand how technology works :\

If by bullying you mean Telus does not want to spend 10-20 thousand dollars So you get faster speed... then I guess they are bullying.

Telus/Shaw are in the business of making money... to provide you with service (It sounds like your on the edge of all service areas), It'd cost them more money than they'd ever make back from you.

They're not picking on you, theyre just not throwing away their money.


Grande Prairie, AB
Would you rather no service or some service? Living on the edge of a service area leaves you with about that much of a choice end of story.


Vancouver, BC

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Come on everybody.
If you had to live in the boom sticks would not you be a bit envious of those like us that have great internet and TV?
Would be great if those that live in isolation could have a better internet service. Some folks live in these areas because that is where their employment is.


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Vancouver, BC

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reply to Kruisey
said by Kruisey:

Come on everybody.
If you had to live in the boom sticks would not you be a bit envious of those like us that have great internet and TV?

Your choice is simple: Great (or decent Internet) or a large land plot with no people. Compromise!
The more I C, the less I see.


Vancouver, BC
I was empathizing with the OP.


I am just a CUSTOMER while I have a basic understanding of the internet I am told that they are currently working on the lines. They said my area is just going to get faster and faster and faster by adding " EOM's " and " IOM's " . I am not pulling your leg here. They said the more of these put in series the faster the connection and better line quality. He use to put up fiber lines for shaw but now works at telus. He really likes me. They scheduled a tech to come out and inspect my line. They said since they are constantly working on my line, they can't promise anything and my bandwidth will fluctuate constantly.

From my understanding, dsl was guaranteed to me it sounds a little fishy. But I just want the full 15 megabytes I was promised not .2 megbytes. I dont know where all the bandwidth is going? Other customers with better bandwidth provionings? Thats allot of multiples of .2 to get to 15. I wish I knew what was really going on I want all of the 15 I was promised its not like I am asking for 250 megabytes , ( looks to the right ) nope... one day they will warm up to me and give me the full 250 till then I guess I am a mushroom.

Oh well I am really wanting to get that package seriuosly I dont have it but I have nothing but problems when I have shaw for some reason almost as if its a censorship issue.