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reply to hudiat

Re: Is WOW still open for business?

said by hudiat:

They are "upgrading"!

Having had IT jobs before, nothing enterprise level, but I frequently worked weekends to upgrade software, of do OS updates,etc

I would have lost my job if I took weeks to update something that still doesn't work right. This new setup is obviously so far from ready they should have known before they started. It's not like little bugs they couldn't test for until it was live, this is a full blown disaster.

Based on your negative posts on practically every thread and your review of WOW where you rip them apart, I have to wonder why you are a customer?

No need to answer, it was rhetorical.


·Time Warner Cable
·WOW Internet and..

Monopoly. No choice but att which they won't give me more than 8 or 12 down due to signal at my location.

Mine isn't blind negativety. Really have you ever experienced a company do this major of an upgrade and have this many issues. This is job losing stuff for botching this kind of stuff.

If you don't have issues feel free to counter act my negativity with positive statements, doesn't change the fact that even minus all my posts the overall attitude of the forum is still negative for weeks now.

·WOW Internet and..
reply to baess

I can't speak for the person above me, but in my case, I come here to try to find solutions to problems (negative situations), find out if people in my area are experiencing similar problems (negative situations) and to commiserate about problems, if all else fails.

In this area, as far as cable goes, it's Time Warner or WOW for me. I've had both. There are problems with both. I have been a WOW customer (save the brief stint with Time Warner) for many years. I've been a member here for over 10 years. I've rarely come to this board to say, "Hey, how are ya doing? I love (ISP here), don't you? Nothing could be better!"

I've noticed that nearly (and I did say "nearly") all threads concern one problem or the other. I don't see too many "Yay, I love my ISP!" posts.

I have also written a recent negative review, BUT that is an addendum to my initial review, which was positive. I have updated, upgraded and changed it over the weeks to reflect my experience.

It seems to me that if everyone on this board came to their senses and answered your "rhetorical" question, then WOW would have a smaller customer base. I should think that they'd rather address the issues, than simply have pissed-off customers leave without saying a word.
My father always said, " There's a distinct difference between actually knowing it all and being a know-it-all."



I agree that finding solutions is why most come here.

(Not saying this is you) Complaining ad nauseum about every aspect of service seems a bit much.

Someone posted they were happy with their new install and the next post said just wait until you have to call them. That seems like piling on.

If I was that aggravated I'd rid myself of the cause.


Cleveland, OH

This is the reason the industry needs upgraded. Too many people have too little choice.