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Re: [Troubles] Another Frustrated Customer

Malianx, you hit the nail on the head. Our state rep is pushing to have them investigated, but yeah this is policy to them class action lawsuit is fast approaching. This is not a few areas this a widespread across their network, its how they do business. Well they are about to get the business from the state. They are not even trying to fix the problem because they created it. You have to provide at least some of the speed people pay for, they have failed to do even that. Just sell more service to make profit on lines that are over capacity, without any intention of expanding that capacity. I hope the feds take them down.


Clarendon, TX
They replied to me in the 'direct' forum, telling me that the technician that come to my house was obviously lying to me, and that there are upstream errors on my line that he did not see or did not tell me about.

So the local techs will give you straight up information, and now there's written record of the company lying to its customers, while not providing a service paid for.


Of course they lied, the problem is the local techs on the ground cant do anything because windstream wont give them the parts and the go ahead to fix and upgrade. How crappy is that? This company ..well the guys in charge need to be sued and fined to the ground. The techs are frustrated cause they have to live here too, they see the crap the company is pulling but they cant do anything about it. This is becoming a serious issue across their network, the government is going to have to step in and get involved.