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Schaumburg, IL

Poor Speeds

When running speed tests on DSLReports, my speeds are usually in the 8.4-9.5 speed. While running the "Official" Wideopenwest speed test at »speed.col.wideopenwest.com/ I am getting a solid 30. This reminds me of the days video card drivers would optomize when a benchmark was detected running.

It might be just a DSLReports thing as speedtest.net shows a solid 30 also, but when trying to watch a video such as youtube sometimes I have buffering problems.

I give up, good night.


Cleveland, OH
I read somewhere that WOW speed testing should be done on their designated site, as it is optimized for such tests while other testing sites may inject some (or a lot) of overhead. But which sites give the most accurate feedback??!! I relieved my YouTube buffering problems by making sure that my Ultra gateway router settings reflected a 20MHz path and that Greenfield (Wireless "N" only) was chosen. I also added a $20 repeater on my second floor and this seemed to make my wireless fly!!
Rich K
South Euclid, OH