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SB 6120 no login screen

I have an SB6120 that has been functioning well. I just obtained a new router (ASUS RT-AC66U) and figured that it was time to try to optimize the modem config. I checked to look at the config settings for IPv6, and noted three interesting things. First as expected the modem was set to IPv4 only. Second, instead of a dropdown or combo box for that parameter, "IPv4 only" was a text entry on the page, unchangeable. Finally, I realized that when the html page for was delivered, it did not first take me to a login page. I could find no way to authenticate and change settings.
I initially tried calling Charter tech support to ask them to provision the modem with the IPv6 config change. The tech support person stated that she could not access the modem for some reason, but recommended that I directly connect one of our computers to the modem to login. I did that ... no change in behavior.
I tried calling tech support again and this time reached a support person who was completely unhelpful, did not seem to understand the request.
So my question is how to access the modem login page so that the config can be changed. The first tech support person confirmed that the change in config to IPv6 was reasonable and appropriate for my service area. I've tried multiple browsers (Chrome, IE) ... no change. The modem is ours, not a rental. I have a sneaking suspicion that Charter disabled user-side changes ... the last firmware update was Apr 2012, which I don't recall doing myself.
Any clues? Thanks for the consideration in advance.


I had the 6120 for a few weeks, before Charters firmware ruined it, but I don't remember ever seeing an option that was changeable for ANY settings, let alone the one you're asking about. I may not have had it long enough to remember that one.

You can not do firmware updates yourself anyway, so, obviously that update was done by Charter. Doesn't matter if you own or lease either.
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That field is just reporting what provisioning mode is set for (modems have a private provider facing IP address that is used for control and maintenance and can be configured to use either IPv4 or IPv6). There was probably a field above it that said DOCSIS MIMO -Honor MDD IP Mode

That means that Charter is not using IPv6 for their cable modem management, and they have not provisioned the modems to override the MDD TLV5.1 value advertised by the CMTS (tells the modem whether to attempt registration via IPv4, or IPv6).

This has nothing to do with whether or not you can get an IPv6 address to your PC, only how the modem interacts with Charter.

Although they're not offering IPv6 natively, they do offer a 6RD tunnel that you can access if you have a router that supports it.

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It is a Cable Modem with no Routing functionality it gets all the info and setting it needs from Charter. There is nothing for you to change, IPv6 will be enable when Charter is ready for it in your area.

Tech Support cant change anything on that modem either, It controlled by a config file that the modem downloads when it syncs up and that is controlled by Charter engineers.
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What Napsterbater said!!