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Re: Major centurylink outage on Nov 28 2012: changes needed

So par for the course when it comes to Century Link.

Edit: From the sound of it, they bought dirt cheap equipment that didn't work well and we suffered for it.


So Emohobo how do you know they bought cheap equipment? You never cease to surprise with the cheap shots. Maybe you can work for CTL to fix all the problems you say they have.


Prior to the outages, I've had no problems with them after they fixed the poor wiring in my area and the cheap equipment comes from them being infamous for letting their backbone degrade to the point of having these issues. On top of overselling areas and have less then adequate upkeep in areas where they are oversold has lead to lots of unhappy customers.

I moved to them a year ago and signed up for an 8 Meg down and 1 meg up plan, a few months later they moved me down to a 1.5 meg down and .25 up network a little time after they fixed the wiring in my area and I was fine with that as they changed what I was paying to adjust for this even though I was in a contract.

So the whole thing about cheap equipment may not be 100% provable, but I had Comcast prior to them for nearly a decade with little to no issues, but then again different companies I'm sure have different policies and you can't prevent everything from breaking suddenly, however this has been an ongoing problem for about half a month. It seems like the issue finally came to a climax though last night and hopefully they have taken care of it once and for all.