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Columbia, MD

[TIVO] Pixelating on SpikeHD (554) in Howard County, MD

I have been having pixelation problems on channel 554 on my Tivo. My Tivo signal strength shows at about 50% on this channel, and on the channels I receive well I typically get 100%. Every time I have called Verizon about this, as soon as they hear that I'm using a Tivo they start blaming the problem on my equipment and that's as far as I get. I was wondering if anyone else might be having this same sort of problem, and if there is anything else I can do to get this problem resolved? Thanks.


Long Beach, CA
·Verizon FiOS
It is not uncommon for one or only a few channels to have this problem that is often caused by problematic coax connections. Because of the physics involved, different QAM channel frequencies are impacted differently by corrosion or loose connections, which is why some channels may be fine and others might have the problem. I had this problem (pixelation on one or two channels) on my Verizon STB and corrected it by reseating all coax connections to the STB.


Columbia, MD
reply to rvmeush
I'm in Columbia on the east side of 29, south of 108, served out of the old Columbia CO, not the one on Oakland Mills road.

554 gave a signal strength of 77. Most of my channels are in the 80-85 range. I watched about 10 minutes and didn't see any pixelation or artifacts.

I agree with checking your cabling and connectors. You might also try switching the positions of lines on the splitter to see if a different port gives different readings. I had one port on a splitter go bad, and only two QAMs were affected. That trouble shooting tip saved me a few hours. I wouldn't have believed it possible. Another thing to look at is if the strength is the same on both tuners. If one is bad it may actually be your Tivo.

If that doesn't help I would suggest posting in the Direct Forum or asking on Twitter for a truck roll so they can put a Sunrise meter on the ONT and determine if it is a network or wiring issue. We had a problem in the CO a few years ago that no one took seriously, but the folks on the direct forum got it resolved.

Hope that helps.


Columbia, MD
thanks very much for the tips. I'll give those suggestions a try.