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Victoria, BC

How do I get 1SD/3HD streams?

I'm getting mixed info from Telus. They had tech support check my line and said that I can get 1SD/3HD streams. Then I get forwarded to Customer Care and she did some checking and said the area profile only allows 1SD/2HD streams and the tool she is using can't select it. She also said I'm at Turbo 25 since I have the Optik TV.

Is it possible she just doesn't have access (at her level) to the right tool to change the setting?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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If you have Optik 25, the only profile you can get is 3HD/1SD.

People who can't get Optik 25 can either get 2HD/1SD or 1HD/2SD (train rate dependent.)

If you are on Optik 25 (check this so you don't look silly,) and the customer service rep can't change it to 3HD/1SD, then you may have to talk to tech support, who will in turn talk to Network Support, who may (I highly stress the may part) be able to immediately change it. If they can't, then they will pass it off to another team to resolve the wonky order.
I may work for, but do not necessarily represent the views and beliefs of TELUS Communications.

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Edmonton, AB
reply to VictecOptik
Depending if your on a ADSL2+ port or a VDSL2 and your distance from the DSLAM will determine what profile you can be put on. You have gotten conflicting info and I wouldn't trust anything that an office person tells you. If you want the real story you need to get a TELUS not outside TELUS tech onsite he will tell you the real numbers.


Vancouver, BC
Now you have done it.......Everyone will be flagging down the the Telus vans...