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[AB] Question Regarding Telus Internet and Optik Internet

Sorry if this has been asked before but does anyone know the difference between the two? I have Optik TV with 2HD/1SD and 15Mpbs line and want to upgrade to the High Speed Turbo 25 and 3HD/1SD.

If I get upgraded to 3HD/1SD does that mean that I'll automatically get High Speed Turbo 25 or are they separate from one another and I would have to ask for both upgrades?


Hey ARyanos,

Find out if 25 is available in your area. If it is then you can get it. As for you wanting 3HD/1SD, your "Rodem"(see what I did there?) will always have dedicated bandwidth for your TV's. The difference between the two is pretty much splitting whatever speed your internet is advertised and then the rest goes into TV. Optik TV runs on a protocol called IPTV which works very similar to how you connect via to the internet, broadband.

The short answer is YES. If you can get get 25 in your area, you can run your TV network however you like.

Note that you will impact your internet speeds if you are streaming 3+ more TV's. Keep in mind that you have to have all 3 streaming at once to see very little difference in your internet connection. I think on the forums I've seen like a drop of 2-3mbits which is nothing.

Hope that helps. Good luck with your upgrade.


Thank you for your help.