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Beamsville, ON
reply to cablesmurfet

Re: bell media channels launching in hd oct 4

said by cablesmurfet:

Cogeco doesn't carry Space in HD. Shaw Direct does.

According to the Cogeco TV guide, Space HD is on channel 829.


Burlington, ON
I'm in the Burlington system. I have not seen SpaceHD in the EPG.


Burlington, ON
So Cogeco adds 55 multicultural channels today. Many east Asian , Russian, German, Arabic multicultural channels in the 1000 range, but still waiting in Burlington for

discovery hd 778
bravo hd 830
space hd 829
e hd 828
comedy east hd 721
ctv news hd 819
muchmusic hd 831

What gives?

In Niagara we get...

discovery hd
bravo hd
space hd
e hd
ctv news hd

Though I notice Space HD hardly plays any HD content at all most of their shows are SD for some reason.

I'm really waiting for muchmusic & G4TV hd!
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St Catharines, ON
reply to tedh
We also get Comedy HD.

All these channels, and still no AMC-HD.

You know, AMC, with Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead?

I'd like to know what the hold-up is...

Burlington, ON
Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and Mad Men ... best TV on. Be nice if AMC was HD. #$#k I'd even pay extra for it.

M in Cobourg

In Cobourg we have no CTV News HD, no Much Music HD and no TVO HD, although we have TFO HD! We get the City News HD channel on 821, but no CP24.

The new multicultural channels are listed on the website; package charges range from $15 to $35 per month.

There hasn't been a word from Cogeco about the other new channels added recently. They used to send messages out via cable, but I checked on my Pace 550D box and there are no messages. Yet they have the money to send out piles of bulk ad mail.

This month there is a free preview of HD channels eqhd, Oasis, HiFi and radX, but I heard about it here, not from Cogeco. It's not even mentioned on the website - it's like they don't want customers to know about their new channels. I was also able to tune in Animal Planet on 827; is that on free preview too?

BTW I volunteer for TV Cogeco, and they recently acquired brand new HD cameras and production equipment. However, I'm told it may be some time before they can allocate an HD channel for their own community TV. Now they've opened up the 800s and 1000s, there would seem to be plenty of room.


Burlington, ON
I don't know why Cogeco is so bad with advertising freeviews. I think that they would want people to know about the new channels because they get more money from them. The freeviews are listed on the website under Television and "What's new?". There are a bunch that are on til Jan 13th. We have TVC on HD channel 700 in the Burloak system and they film and broadcast our programs in HD.