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reply to Ghastlyone

Re: GW2: Mesmer Thread

Yar GS = Greatsword

I also use staff and sword/focus.

Don't be afraid to respec when you hit every 5 levels. I tried evasion deception as well as clones bleed on crit first, but I liked the GS recharge trait over these two for leveling.

When I respec I also make sure I have at least 5 in illusions (that is mandatory to me) and 5 to get the regen buff.

Las Vegas, NV
I played some more last night. Great Sword really ramps up the damage. But...it's annoying as all hell sounding after awhile, your main #1 utility.

Another thing I noticed with using a GS, is that you rarely ever spawn clones at all (maybe until I get some traits rolling, I dont know)

I tried Scepter/Gun last night, it seemed pretty cool.


Yar that #1 is annoying. I turn my sound down a bit, and got used to it after a while. Maybe you can find the sound file we can edit

For GS I use #2 to do a bounce attack (make a clone), then #4 iBerzerk to make another. With my traits my #2 is on 5 second CD, so that's when the 3rd clone comes (or I can make one right away using a dodge). As I said before, mesmer requires the traits to start working more smoothly. You can also use the clones utility or decoy.

For bigger packs/veteran, I start in staff. Throw down chaos storm, use #2 to create a clone (and if used inside the chaos storm puts chaos armor on me), then swap to GS #4 who spins through chaos storm to put on confusion, then GS #2. 2 clones and a phantasm in a few seconds.

I like thegun phantasm, pew poew!