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Buffalo, NY

IGMP setting

So here's some rubbish...

I have an Epson Workforce 645 attached wirelessly to my network. It has print, scan, copy functions on the control panel, and Epson Event Manager software that allows me to directly scan a document as a PDF and place it onto my computer Sioux touching the computer. I know, novel idea right?!?!

All was working great, but then my desktop (NOT wireless) stopped appearing in the menu on the printer, so my hubbie wasn't able to directly scan his files to the PC. my laptop still showed (it's wireless) just not the desktop. After digging around online, I found NO help. Called Epson, they wanted to blame windows. Called Microsoft, ready to blame them for a botched update, but no lover there either (I uninstalled ALL updates it took from MS over the last month.

I started digging around my FIOS rev. I router, and noticed WBM had made some ARBITRARY changes to my firewall and such. WHAT THE HELL????!!!!

This IGMP setting is something that I had previously DISABLED due to some issues with our iPads, different issue, 'nother time...

Well, when the WBM made its changes, it turned it BACK ON and it killed functionality on my Epson!!!!

As it turns out, having IGMP enabled, can & will interrupt communication between wireless and wired devices!!!! DOHHHHHHH!!!!

Here's the link where I found the answer: »forums.verizon.com/t5/FiOS-Inter···p/461359

Just thought I'd share...

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Laurel, MD
What's "WBM"?

Warwick, RI
Web Based Management (WBM) is the GUI.

Includes actions taken internally, like when TV features are setup. There's likely some standard configuration changes made, like when the DVR corrects its remote access. You'll also encounter WBM log entries when a UPnP device accesses the firewall settings.

Don't know what changes the IGMP proxy setting though.


Virginia Beach, VA
reply to rollinraver
Yep, same thing happened to me a few months ago. iTunes could no longer see my Airport Express speakers. Had to disable IGMP Proxy for it to work again.