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[Cable] Teksavvy Cable Internet Outage in Ottawa for 108.162.167

Cable Internet outage since Sunday morning (Dec 02). Central Ottawa Area. TekSavvy tech support says the modem DCM-475 is fine. I replaced the router just to rule it out. Techsavvy opened a ticket with Rogers I am told but they have no idea when it will be fixed by Rogers. They can't track the ticket they have with Rogers and have no visibility into what Rogers does with the ticket ! After 48 hours they say they will escalate with Rogers ! And no telling how long it takes after that. Very disappointing indeed.

This is what the router is seeing :

IP : 108.162.167.xxx
Subnet Mask:
Default gateway :
Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS :

If others have problems with the same subnet, please add to this post. Maybe the issue will get a higher priority then.

TSI Taunia
Chatham, ON

Re: [Cable] Teksavvy Cable Internet Outage in Ottawa for 108.162


I do apologize for outage you are experiencing. If you could provide you account information in »TekSavvy Direct i will request an update on your ticket.

Tsi Taunia



Have been calling Teksavvy tech support every morning and evening. Basically they can't even escalate with Rogers until 48 hours have elapsed which will officially be at 6:30 PM tonight. After the escalation, Rogers again has 24 hours to respond or not. As stated earlier, they have no visibility into Rogers tickets to tell you if it has even been looked at yet. They must wait for Rogers to respond. Meanwhile the outage continues...

Huge downside to saving a few bucks with third party providers !

Krispy Bacon

reply to PKP

It looks like the same DNS issue they had last month... Getting frustrated now--- 3 times in less than 2 months. I work from home and this is not acceptable.