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Saint Louis, MO

ASUS USB Wireless dead after a week?

Hopefully this is the right forum. I asked in the U-Verse forum about a wireless solution for two desktops and went with an ASUS USB N13 wireless connector.

I need to know if it's normal for it to quit working a little bit over a week (bought on Black Friday). The one for my husband quit working for no reason. Or more to the point, it would lose connection. He switched it out from his computer to mine and it seemed to work okay. He played some WoW and streamed some Pandora. Then it just quit. Is it not able to handle that much activity? If not, is there a better wireless connection or are we going to have to drop an ethernet cable for his connection? It won't be a pain really. He just thought going wireless was the way to go. At least for him.

I do mostly web surfing and reading email for my connection time. I stream Pandora from time to time, but that's about it for my streaming activities.
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It probably was just faulty.