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DARPA Declares War On Backdoors

From H-Online:

With a call for suggestions for testing software and commodity IT devices, the US Defense Department's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is declaring war on backdoors, which it sees as a widespread problem. Under current circumstances, the department says, it is not possible to verify the security of every one of its devices in a timely fashion. The objective of DARPA's VET programme is to develop new approaches to ensure that IT products are free of backdoors and secret malicious code.

Along with computers and their software, devices that will be systematically tested include mobile phones, routers, and printers. DARPA will host a Proposers' Day on 12 December to give interested parties more information on the project.

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Re: DARPA Declares War On Backdoors

I can't help wondering if this is about detecting/analyzing any backdoors into DARPA's or the government's other equipment, or to find exploitable paths into everyone else's equipment. It seems to me that whatever applies to one objective would apply to the other.
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well naturally at DARPA they will stick to the mission of honestly finding back doors. However once the results if good hit the rest of the letter agencies someone at the DOJ will say "Can this be used to open back doors too?". as right now the DOJ is one of the biggest offenders of privacy violation.

I do not worry about the CIA/NSA in this situation, they are spies and like any spy agency they already know the back doors, front doors, side doors, and the attic window that does not lock.
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At least it's a step in the right direction. This country has already fallen in love with total tracking / spying on its own citizens...
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