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Discussion on microsoft cloud tv, mediaroom grim?


Was hoping to spark up a discussion about optik tv. Also would be great to hear your thoughts as well on the subject.

Firstly, telus launches an ondemand service, and months later microsoft decides to launch there own on demand service through xbox live. Strange move, especially when they are competing products to microsoft's mediaroom clients.

Now recently microsoft secretly is working on a new project that deals with tv in the cloud "named cloud tv?". You can search up on google about that if you want additional info. Seems that resources and new positions in the entertainment business unit of microsoft are being allocated to this new product. It makes you question, if they decide to launch their own cloud tv product that is based on mediaroom, what does that mean for current media room clients like telus, at&t etc. I've also heard rumors from industry members that mediaroom may not receive further code upgrades with features that were promised like OTT capabilities that at&t and telus have been waiting for. Mediaroom 3.0 & 4.0 may not see daylight. Would appear mediaroom may stay at 2.x with updates to keep things going and fixes. Hopefully a telus rep can comment in this.

I think this is a great discussion to start, what are your thoughts as to microsoft's move coming soon in 2013 to cloud tv, and what does that mean for the future of mediaroom deployed at telus and at&t.


Vancouver, BC

"TelusQnA" from a Shaw user? Why not just be honest instead. Gives you more credibility and looks less like a troll.

Rumors? Industry members? Source please. Only articles I've found on Mediaroom say the opposite of what you claim.

As for Microsoft and Cloud TV, it is going to have a lot of licensing issues to obtain content and air it. Each country will have different rules and different licensing and it's going to be a mess. It will likely need additional licensing to play on devices other than TVs. Netflix is going through that now and it has taken a very long time and they are still in the process of making licensing deals with content creators / distributors. Depending what kind of exclusivity Netflix has negotiated, Microsoft may have some problems.



lol, I know right? Cloud TV will certainly have limitation due to licensing. Netflix does well but can't come close to replacing broadcast television. Like you said about the countries, laws, and regulations. The differences between Netflix Canada and USA are huge. God, you have to proxie/vpn into USA just to get HD streaming on Netflix now.



Even though my connection shows shaw, doesn't mean i am a troll. I am actually looking into optik tv, and even though i am a shaw subscriber i am just looking at options.

Netflix offers VOD, not live broadcast tv. Microsoft cloud tv sounds like live broadcast that may be similar to aereo. Also mentions about having multiple clients pc, tablets, apps on a tv (smart tv). They only thing they most likely couldn't obtain licenses to carry canadian specialty channels, and maybe over the air. If aereo is able to obtain licenses for live broadcast, microsoft could do the same.

Again, i am looking for direction from a telus rep if ott services coming with optik (meaning i should be able to watch tv and recordings on any device in and out of the home) and is microsoft to commited to that in mediaroom 3 or 4. Or is that dead and moving into the cloud?


Vancouver, BC

@TelusQnA, So what are your sources for these supposed rumors on Mediaroom? Nothing online so far corroborates any claim you have made here (hence why you are looking like a troll). As for Microsoft's commitment to Mediaroom, why don't you ask one of your supposed industry members that you heard the rumors from to start with? Mediaroom is a Microsoft product. Telus is an end user of it. This isn't the forum to ask those questions in.

You are asking questions that none of the employees on this board can answer about the business decisions made at a very high level at Telus as well as Microsoft. Telus has nothing to do with Microsoft's business decisions.

As for Aereo, they are not a well known company and just by looking at what they offer, it's nothing like what Microsoft is planning for Xbox. Not to mention Aereo is limited to one location only and streams OTA content from collections of antennae which they do NOT guarantee will work (Remote antenna access is subject to availability at the time access is requested and cannot be guaranteed.) And Aereo doesn't have licenses as evidence by the lawsuits still in progress against them by the major American networks. You may want to research your claims a bit more.

And for licensing, if Microsoft decides to bring their own TV service to Canada, the CRTC will likely have a few things to say about it. Odds are if they ever get it working it'll be many years before they even try Canada.