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[TekTalk] Is TekTalk reliable and comparable to land lines?

The lack if posts on this forum about TekTalk can only mean that either TekTalk is super reliable, or very few people use it. Is TekTalk a reliable service? I am planning to replace my land line with TekTalk.

How does the quality and reliability of TekTalk compare to the regular home phone?

I am moving to TSI's cable line (at least 16mbps) soon. I heard, unless QoS is configured correctly in the router, the call quality may suffer depending on the amount of internet traffic at a given time. I was with Primus before where, if a call came while the internet was in heavy use, the call would drop. It was my roommate's router and may be he didn't configure it correctly.

What do I need to know about TekTalk? What should I expect?

North York, ON

I ordered TekTalk about 5 days after they started the service, and I've only had a few issues with it (most of which were caused by hubby trying to 'fix' a non-existent problem).

As for reliability... Its fine.

I have QoS set up on my router, and I've used the phone while Netflix was playing on the computer, and a game was being played on ps3. No problems with the phone. Remember that if you lose internet, you lose the phone.

If you do get TekTalk, read the insert that Teksavvy puts into the SPA box you purchase from them. It'll tell you how to set it the voice mail, and that'll be the info for the online portal to manage everything. Many have either ignored the insert or thrown it out, then come here complaining it doesn't work. Teksavvy's inserted instructions will also tell you to put the SPA AFTER the router (not before like the SPA's own instructions state).
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I heard there was some POI problems with Rogers and it took them a while to fix it. I am in Videotron's territory. Should I worry? The thing is, I convinced my house-mates to go for TSI cable and TekTalk. So, I am afraid of the backlash due to an internet+phone outage.



said by xlsx:

I heard there was some POI problems with Rogers and it took them a while to fix it. I am in Videotron's territory. Should I worry?

Rogers-side issues won't have any impact on Videotron-side customers.

You can check through the forums here for Videotron-area cable issues, but I don't remember seeing very many. Certainly far fewer than DSL or Rogers-area cable.


Toronto , ON
reply to xlsx

If the power goes out or the internet goes down you'll not only have no phone you'll have no access to 911 either . If you happen to be in a situation where you need 911 services you'll be SOL .... or hope you have an understanding neighbor that has a working phone line



Power outage is a problem for VOIP services. I got a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) at home to keep the modems, routers, and the phone alive in case of a power outage, at least for a while. I don't have any cell phone service, but I got a spare cell phone sitting on my desk which apparently allows emergency calls only. So, I am hoping I am covered for 911 calls. Received my modem and ATA today. All I can do at this point is hope for the best.

EDIT: Sorry about the number of "I"s.