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Grants Pass, OR
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Re: Possible to show caller ID on tv? (using Obi202/Anveo/GV)

The short answer is No. The VZ digital voice is not voip. Also, this feature is managed via VZ's network via the ONT and the Actiontech router and settings in your account profile managed via the web. Once you cancel(d) the DV service it's gone.


If VZ Digital Voice isn't VoIP, what is it?

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River

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said by kittyburgers:

If VZ Digital Voice isn't VoIP, what is it?

First off, VZ Digital Voice is the name for the [digital] phone service that runs with Verizon FiOS.

Reference A:

Verizon in some areas and situations has a [NON-digital] phone service that runs with Verizon FiOS. It's really POTS with FiOS. And as POTS, there is an extra "FCC Subscriber Line Charge" which does NOT occur with VoIP or with VZ Digital Voice. As the next reference indicates, Verizon is phasing this service out.

Reference B:
»Verizon moves more into true VoIP


Now, contradicting some of the above, why would one maintain that VZ Digital Voice (or AT&T U-Verse's phone service) isn't truly VoIP?

Because it doesn't primarily travel over the public Internet. It goes over discrete (and hopefully discreet) channels.

It rides with the 1 percent, not the 99 percent.

The same can be said of Comcast Digital Voice, Optimum Voice, and so forth....

....True, THERE we are talking about cable, not fiber.

But the point remains that it is not dependent on the riff-raff of the internet.

It's almost a philosophical question. Some people do consider it VoIP, under the feeling that if it's not copper POTS, not cellular, not telepathic, then it's VoIP.

And as I understand it the protocols are not quite the same as common VoIP. More akin to MGCP rather than H.323. But I leave that to the Scotty types.


Just to clarify in case people do not know, Verizon phone service over Verizon FIOS is gorgeous, battery backed up per location, and is not interrupted when internet service over FIOS has issues. It also does not run through the FIOS routers provided. It is a form of VOIP but it's details are proprietary.

In terms of faxing, Verizon telephone service over FIOS it is as good as any POTS landline for faxing for even the fastest fax transmission speeds, basically perfect, in contrast to conventional fax over VOIP (FOIP) which can be good but has limitations and issues.

Basically Verizon's proprietary implementation of VOIP (and their ONTs have a built in ATA) is as perfect as any any clear POTS landline. That does not mean it always sounds better than a traditional VOIP carrier, but it means it sounds just like you would expect a POTS line to sound, and always.