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[Equipment] Verizon Home Fusion for 'portable' use?

Hi All,

I am with with an organization that does live sports broadcasts on the web. I would love to be able to use HomeFusion on location for uploading broadcasts. Barring any coverage issues (i am in a well-populated area, and of course would ensure my venues are covered), Would this work?

The plan would be to have an antenna rig that we would setup outside the venue and we would then run coax inside to our portable control room.

The benefit if this setup would be two fold... having the antenna outdoors would make for a better connection. Plus it would be helpful to be able to use wifi devices as well as CAT5 connected devices on location.

Is the antenna dangerous or tricky to setup?

Pittsburgh, PA
·Verizon FiOS
You can do it, but if you're streaming video or data, you'll blow through caps like it's no one's business.

Can you do it? Sure. Should you? I wouldn't.
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Mulberry, FL
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What kind of data would you be transmitting/receiving? If it's video - yes you'd go through your caps in no time. If it's just audio and web content, that should be fine. As far as the home fusion, for your use you probably just need either a mifi/jetpack hotspot connected to an antenna or a usb modem connected to a cradlepoint. This is how RV'ers, emergency responders, etc use the service. The home fusion is designed as more of a permanently mounted service attached to a fixed building. But the service it provides is the same.


reply to joedotcom
Thanks for the replies. It is not a ton of data (500k upload for a 2 hour game 1 or two times per month). and we currently use a Verizon MiFi access point without problems. (its wifi only, no cat5, no USB)

what I am lacking is two things:

1) an external antenna (we shoot hockey in a building w/ a metal roof. no cell/data service inside)

2) the ability to use wired devices

Maybe you are right. maybe I need a USB access point and a cradle type thing that can handle wifi and cat5.