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Fremont, OH
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to ropeguru

Re: Just another...

It didn't say you replied to me.

And I was being serious. This summer and the first part of Spring. The union has stopped two employers from firing two different employees. Both employers were on different sides of the state. They were NOT fired due to their contract said they could NOT be.

Both employees work for the gov't. Both employees were caught on camera and by the public for animal abuse/neglect. One threw a puppy up against a concrete wall, guy still has his job even though 4 months earlier served jail time for beating up his gf and his gf's mom. Union prevented termination for that.

One killed a full size dog by stabbing him with a arrow type object and then washing him down with a pressure washer- the pressure washer was aimed right for the stab wound.

Both issues made national news.

Colorado Springs, CO

I watch it daily as part of my job and never heard about it.

Names or it did not happen.