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reply to Kramer

Re: Sacrificing functionality for simplicity

said by Kramer:

Everyone seems to be judging Windows 8 on Metro, when Metro is just a small part of the OS that is completely ignorable.

Really? Is it ignorable? That's what you see when you boot into Windows now. In order to "ignore" it you have to install a third party tool. Many folks return their computers back to stores just because they can't stand the Modern UI interface forced on them now...

What you have underneath all that is more powerful and no less complex then what preceeded it.

Many years of marketing made everyone to believe that Windows OS is what you see on desktop when you boot your computer. Developers were working hard to attract new users by new video effects. And now, beginning with Windows 8, we suddenly have to forget all of that and return to the basics and discover, that OS is not just Windows Explorer and how it looks? It's not so simple and this perception can't be reverted back fast even in the overly-marketed world we're living now...

But I think it's not about functionality vs simplicity though...
Keep it simple, it'll become complex by itself...

Richmond, VA

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Third parties filled in what Microsoft left out. It wouldn't be the first time. It is disturbing, I agree and certainly a lot of purchasers are totally confused. You are preaching to the choir, so I can't disagree with a lot that you say, but I don't think its all about simplicity as I would assume you believe as well. Before the day is out I have to to make the computer I bought for my daughter "less simple" and do away with Metro and put a Start button on it. That way I can hand it to her and it will be just like the WIN7 netbook that she uses. She will not have one question. It isn't a big deal, but had I handed her the notebook unmodified it would have taken 10-20 minutes to show her how to use it.

That isn't a big deal here at home, but the new computers I order for a hundred real estate agents to use are going to have Windows 7 on them. I don't want to have to do a training session to show them how to turn the computers off as well as other tasks and I am not installing 3rd party software to make that easier.