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Screen tycoon
Brooklyn, NY

[Rant] Verizon DSL's website.

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Second screen, after clicking order now.
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First screen.
When asked about it, they are very complacent about blatantly false advertising.

Rossmann Repair Group Inc(17:58:19): Hi. When I check my area, it says I have an offer of 3/768 DSL for $37.99/mo
Rossmann Repair Group Inc(17:58:24): when I click order now, it turns to 47.99/mo
Rossmann Repair Group Inc(17:58:33): I'm on here. http://smallbusiness.verizon.com/products/internet/hsi/packages.aspx
Tanesha(17:59:13): Thank you for using Verizon's chat service. I will be more than happy to address your concern.
Tanesha(18:00:14): On the provided page is the general prices that we offer the plans in some areas. Once you click on Order, you will be given the price for your address.
Rossmann Repair Group Inc(18:00:46): I typed in my address and it said 37.99
Rossmann Repair Group Inc(18:00:51): http://www.rossmannsupply.com/img/3799.jpg
Rossmann Repair Group Inc(18:00:52): it says my address right on the top of the screen
Rossmann Repair Group Inc(18:01:14): and when you click order at 37.99, you get this http://www.rossmannsupply.com/img/4799.jpg
Tanesha(18:02:14): I do understand. The price that is listed on the first page is a general price.
Rossmann Repair Group Inc(18:02:27): So how do I get the general price?
Rossmann Repair Group Inc(18:03:00): You realize if you hit add to cart on a website, people expect that to be the actual price they pay, especially if they have entered all of their business information on prior pages

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There's a reason I'm Command.
Washington, DC

I ran into this same issue several years ago when I bundled. I phoned the number on my voice bill and spoke with a rep. She was able to enter the pricing manually. It did take a few additional calls because they botched the speed and added some unwanted "extras" on the DSL package, but it wasn't a horrendous experience getting it straightened out. From what others have posted here and elsewhere, the online chat support is a total waste of time.
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Fisher, IL
reply to thender

Actually it says the offer is " starting at " .... $37.99 in smaller print of course. Got to read the fine print.