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Vancouver, BC
reply to WhosTheBosch

Re: [BC] TELUS High Speed Turbo 25 Usage being reduced 50%

Excuse me but there are alot more folks living in the USA.
Therefore the pricing can be lower.
If I was a business person who would I prefer to have as a customer?
Would I wont to keep the guy that just wonted $30 a month for TV and internet?
Or the guy that just wonted a great price for internet and loaded up hours of free movies .As I mentioned before any Company would go bankrupt with folks like that.
Maybe its those folks one should blame for this move from Telus.
So how about that???
Expand your moderator at work


Port Coquitlam, BC
reply to Kruisey

Re: [BC] TELUS High Speed Turbo 25 Usage being reduced 50%

You seem pretty butthurt that I'm getting TV and internet for $30 a month Whats the matter... couldn't get as good a deal?


$30 for both? Wonder who the L/R agent was who gave you that deal; I'd like to talk with them.


Port Coquitlam, BC
said by anhloc:

$30 for both? Wonder who the L/R agent was who gave you that deal; I'd like to talk with them.

It's actually pretty easy. It's obviously for new subscribers only...or as long as the service has been canceled for at least 6 (Maybe 3?) Months.

Look on Redflagdeals - Theres a Telus phone rep on there. I was offered 15M internet + Telus TV and 2 PVR rentals, And a $100 service credit for $20 a month, or 25M + the rentals for $30 a month.

So 1 year of service is $360 - $100, $260. I'm essentially paying $21 a month... + whatever taxes / fees telus imposes on me. Locked in rate for 1 year, and was told after a year to call her back.

Is it cheap? Yes, But if I can only download 250 GB a month... the service is useless to me. I'm a downloader, I dont use the internet much besides downloading/Watching videos. I can hit 250 GB in a day and a half if I tried...

I do probably 300 GB a month on average, sometimes lower. Then some months, when I decide to tinker with video editing, like this month... I'm at 60 GB a day for the past week.

Not to mention I'm pretty respectful about it - I have my bandwidth set to d/l between 11 PM and 12 AM. So I'm not congesting anyone, I'm not costing Telus much/if anything at all...

I'd gladly pay $70-80 a month for 25M internet, if it was unlimited. Which is why as soon as I'm limited... I'm ditching my contract, and switching over to Teksavvy. I'll be paying tripple what I do right now, for the same service... with the caveat that I don't have to worry about going over my bandwidth. limit.

Say I go 20 GB over every month only... and get charged $20 extra. I'd still rather pay the extra $50 a month for an unlimited connection, Not just for peace of mind... but because Teksavvy decided to give the option for unlimited, because they're all about customer service / And they want an open, unrestricted internet. Well worth the extra money, IMO.