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Texan and Proud
Baytown, TX
reply to mettachain

Re: Gift ideas for guildies

Is this your thinking metta?


No, DarkLogix. That is NOT my thinking. If you'd like to re-read my initial post in this thread, you might begin to understand my thoughts on this. Big ass comic strips which graffiti up a thread for pointless, although a slightly amusing ruse, don't prove any more than you don't really have an input in the discussion. You lose! Good day Sir!
Reading your post made me want to punch a kitten in the jawbone.


Irvington, AL
I agree with each side of this discussion and I thought the cartoon was funny. But the OP was talking about friends of his kids which is differnt than giving gold for an epic flyer to a guy that joined the guild five minutes ago.
Over the years I have enjoyed helping players with dungeon runs, gold, items, help with quest etc... There have been times when later favors would be returned and there were times when as soon as I logged in I would get a whisper "hey can you run me through..."
I think that players are players some are good and some are bad. If its a guildie that has been there a while I'll help, if its random joe it depends on my mood and how they act.
Last night a guy got some new shoulders and ask what would be the best enchant. After a few answers I offered to switch to my shaman and make him the enchant, someone else replied that they would make it then they logged. A little while later I whispered the guy and ask if he had got the enchant, he said no so I switched toons. I whispered him a couple times and got no reply. So I sold the enchant for 480g.
Guy was in my guild so I was willing to help. I was in a good mood so I was going to help. He never responded so I didn't like the way he acted so I didn't help.
Do what you feel is best in the situation.
As for what gift, if you have a low (or simular) level toon go with them on a dungeon run (don't run them) and help them learn how to play the game. Thats a gift that will give back to your guild.