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Stone Mountain, GA
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Re: 1992 dodge dakota hood hinge

There are some other junkyards in Lithonia. They are hit or miss on prices. I've seen them want more than new on beat up parts. Then go later and they give stuff away.

Pullapart has been there just over a year or two. I was impressed. I walked in, grabbed throttle and cruise control cables and brackets along with an air plenum all for $24.

That's that last things I needed for the intake upgrade on my 1990 Cherokee (2001 high-flow manifold and much bigger throttle body.)

I wish I had realized they were so cheap. I would have picked up a new block cheap rather than buying a used engine that needed a rebuild. My engine decided to throw a rod after 70k miles.
Scott Henion

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Lanett, AL
Yeah after looking at their locations list I think the one I went to was the buford hwy one. From where I am, they're both about the same drive. I know 97 started the changed body style for the Dakota but the hinge/arm may be the same. Lithonia has a 92, Norcross has an 87 and 96, all others are 97+. Lithonia may be my best bet for an exact match but it could be a crapshoot if any of them are wrecked in the front.

Side note, I grew up on the same street as Mitchell Automotive. I still live in the same general area and that junkyard location is still there at his house. No idea if he is even still around or if it's been passed off to a relative.

Lanett, AL
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All done! I went to the Conley/South (285 & 675 interchange) one as it had the highest number of years that would likely have fit (Norcross and Lithonia had 1 each that would have fit, Conley had 3-4).

Found a blue hood, took it off and couldn't get the passenger hinge arm off. Went searching for the others on the lot and found a grey one that was in much better shape than the blue one. The passenger side hinge arm still gave me trouble but I got it off. So if anyone wants an easy to get hood, there's a blue one already taken off for you in the back of the truck on row 93