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reply to pvtpilot94

Re: Anyone with GEN4 have consistent Speeds

What I want to know is simple: has there been an improvement in the latency?

i'm not sure if the upgrade is worth it, if there is no improvement there but at the same time I am worried about them doing another forced cutover with no notice again.

Personally I don't expect the wonderment and awe they are promising, but I would like to see some improvement over the current HN7000s


Edgewood, TX
I wouldn't bother upgrading.. HNG4 is total crap compared to Exede.

Ping times look ok if you do a `ping -t' which will ping Google's DNS servers.

The problem is most likely infrastructure related. HNG4 from what I can tell is using the same ground infrastructure as their legacy service levels. Exede built all new ground bases to accommodate for their ViaSat-1 bird.

There's no reason for such poor service from HNG4, other than HN wanted to save money by cutting corners..


All I want is decent broadband. I live in a magical house within city limits on the MS Gulf Coast that cannot get Cable or DSL; and since satellite was so slow when we moved in, I went with Verizon MiFi. We are using 25 G per month, and it is painfully slow and exorbitantly expensive. So, I was thinking of getting satellite now that it is faster / less expensive. But, in reading, it seems like Wildblue Excede has a major usage meter issue - tons of people complaining in their forums w/ no apparent resolution. And now I am reading Hughesnet doesn't have the speed. I spend a lot of time regretting all of the bitching I did about the high speed cable when I lived in the DC area. We apparently now have 4G, but the MiFi is unstable & constantly going out on the 4G -- probably too high demand for existing towers. Oh, what to do?

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said by LeahDaisyD :

All I want is decent broadband.

Thats a tough one... The entire past 3 days my connection speed has been absolutely nothing but slow.... Tried backing up of my games earlier and i find out that I have to update before backing up so i take a look at the size and its 6.6GB and my connection remains EXTREMELY slow at this moment and i have a strong feeling its gonna stay like this..... I'm gonna start using cracks from now on (on my already PAID games) this is just absolutely ridiculous. I'm done, i give up, i try being patient, try calling and no outcome except filling with rage.
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reply to LeahDaisyD
I got upgraded 2 days a go . My Hughes test speeds are about 1/4 of the worst I was getting with the 9000. Typical is 200 (yes 200 I didnt miss a digit) and 60. It's been as bad as 70 and 0. The installer swears nothing is wrong. Spent an hour on the phone with support. They concluded it's my PC only I was getting 1400 and 200 with the same PC before the install. Oh and all three PC's I have when connected directly to the modem give me the same results. I should have known. These people are crooks!

West Mich.
reply to LeahDaisyD
Having been with Hughesnet for years:
If you are looking for decent broadband you will NOT find it with Hughesnet.

The foreign based tech support is...beyond belief.

The support website... if you can't sing the praises of Hughesnet you are banned from the site. Go over and take a read and you will see more holes in the threads than Swiss cheese.
Regardless of platform the ground based part is just overloaded.
Never ever ever set up "auto-pay" with these people !

If you make the mistake of doing business with these people..save every scrap of paper, record phone conversations, save any chat dialogs.

In my experience this is not a reputable company.