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Please help me to understand this

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screenshot of QoS settings
I have shibby tomato ver1.28 installed on my router. My cable service is basic. It has 5Mbps for download and 1Mbps for upload. This I have already verified with speednet.

Something that has puzzled me the last time I activated QoS with default settings. I will post the settings here as reference shown above

Once QoS is activated the measurement taken with speednet has changed drastically. I am still getting 5Mbps for download bandwidth but upload has dropped to 0.67Mbps. This is not at all transparent to me at first sight since during the test nothing else is using the router.

Could someone shed some light on how this is possible?

TSI Martin
Chatham, ON

Are you on Cable or DSL?

0.67 would be normal if your upstream sync is 800kbps. Keep in mind there is always a 15-20% loss due to PPPoE overhead.




strictly cable. Not on PPPOE


Ottawa, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
reply to vientito1

There are two main parts to most QoS implementations: prioritization and managing bandwidth.

Prioritization changes the router from sending packets on as they arrived to letting some packets jump ahead of others. This helps latency for high priority traffic.

Managing the bandwidth basically ends up dropping packets or setting a packet's ECN flag when a threshold is reached so certain types of traffic do not hog the connection.
So if manually setting up QoS you want to assign priority based on what needs to have the lowest latency followed by adding bandwidth limits so the highest priority traffic doesn't take it all.


reply to vientito1

You've got your 'Download' class set to 4800/720. I bet your default classification rules are using this instead of WWW. I'm using Toastman tomato and it has a 'FileXfer' class instead of Download, with port 80 traffic limited to 512KB as WWW before it changes class to FileXfer.


reply to vientito1

The transfer from speedtest.net is large enough to switch from WWW class to download class. Download class is set to 80% = 4800dl/720ul.