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HD Box Connects To MRDVR - Shows as offline

Odd problem - I have a box in a room on the 2nd floor that for some reason shows as being offline. It was working fine for several months now. All of the sudden on thursday - box goes off line. Odd part is that I can connect to the MRDVR without a problem and no channels are out. The box pulls no guide data and no VOD. I restarted the box all the different ways even disconnected the cord and tried the box in another room - no problem with the box. One thing - the line running to my attic is RG59 - I am trying to find a way to replace it but having no luck. I'm not sure if it's the line or if it's the router by chance? Any ideas?

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West Chester, PA
Sounds like the box is not getting a MOCA signal.
Check your MOCA LAN stats. Chances are the box won't show up.
»Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »How to check MOCA stats?

Now the question is: Is it the box or the cabling?
Try connecting the box to a known good outlet and see if gets VOD. If it works at another outlet, it's the cabling. If it doesn't work at a known good outlet, then the box is bad.
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