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MNSi Internet

Windsor, ON
reply to BellUser1212

Re: [Homephone] Why I Have Cancelled

said by BellUser1212 :

I understand your frustation and agree that some of the fees are anoying, but I hope you do understand that all those fees you will still have to pay with ANY other provider, they might not be listed under the same name. also you should be aware that bell or any other service provider do not make there prices, the prices for telephone and internet are all controled by our famous crtc, crtc are there to control the price so Bell or Rogers being the 2 top service providers in Ontario would not crush all the smaller companies think bout it if for example Bell would want to take over the network and say for the next 12 months we are offering phone line and internet for 25$ a month, quite a few companies that a reseller of bell like acn primus and the list goes on would go belly up then after 12 months bell turns around and now charges 100$ a month for the same services since there is no more compitition. But if you left Bell for the price increase of Jan even if you go to any other service provider at the end of the year it ALL comes bout the same price.

In areas where phone service is still regulated, Bell APPLIES to the CRTC for rate increases, and the CRTC then APPROVES them, if warranted.

In areas that are FORBORNE from price regulation, Bell has more freedom in pricing.

In either case the CRTC does NOT tell Bell to raise prices. You really need to do some research and find out how it really works.
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Burlington, ON
thanks HeadSpinning for adding clarity


VOIP over the cable system (i.e. Cogeco/Rogers) is prone to outages due to blackouts even if they don't occur in your neighbourhood.
Cable system amplifiers are tapped into hydro at various points along the way to your house.
If the hydro goes out a few blocks over and your neighbourhood is fed from that area, out goes your phone, internet and TV.
Landlines are self powered and backed up with batteries/generators.
Cell phones are fine and all, but good luck for the security system.


Agreed, the landline infrastructure has the advantages you've listed. For those who want protection from power outages and still have the possibility of phone service then a landline may be worth the cost.

Its not an either or situation. You can have VoIP, Cell, Skype, Google Voice, etc for daily use and landline for backup.