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Chester, NY

cannon mp620/lynksys router and windows 7 laptop hate each o

ok i cant figure this out.
we have windows 7;norton internet security;cannon mp620B printer;network magic.

i can get printer to work with USB but no good wired lan or wireless.
i removed and reinstalled the driver a few times. it used to work through the LAN . i recentlly added a password and wep to the router cause half the neighborhood was using my wireless by accident.
the password has worked and i have strong internet (optonline)

John Galt
Forward, March
Happy Camp



Chester, NY

thanks john, but i dont have the energy to read all that. for now i moved the printer onto my desk so a usb cable reaches my laptop.


Cookeville, TN

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First of all I don't have the same printer model to play with but here are some things that I have used to fix similar problems with my printers.

When configuring the printer set it to use a fixed IP rather than a DHCP value. Most PCs don't like it when a printers IP address changes after a router reboot. Set the fixed IP outside the range of the routers DHCP list. Like if the DHCP is ip x.x.x.2-x.x.x.100 set the printer for something like x.x.x.200

Second delete the existing printer configured in the PC and when you tell the computer you want to add a new printer, lie to the PC and tell it you are using a local printer, not a networked one and then specify the local port be a TCP/IP port and put in the fixed IP you set the printer for.

With luck the above two suggestions will get the printer working for you with out the need for a USB cable being used.