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[BC] Lost my Job now my internet

Well its been a combination of things. Poor Service, Poor Speeds, Poor Latency, Poor Support, Lies from Customer Service, Placating attitudes, People sound to be suffering from a serious case of " Sadism ".

I dream of setting up my own company one day. I got fired today. So now not only am I without my job I am also giving up on internet. This is my last post. I am not doing another " Speedtest " or ping or latency test its just pointless.

I would love to set up my own company in internet can you imagine someone with a brain answering the phone and saying sure port 24 no problem. Want to control your own PTR? No problem! I can make the changes to in-addr.arpa right now for you.

Designed for customers you can easily work with to build the internet and strength it. Not argue with on the phone sounding like a peon because all you can do is push a button on dhcp and it bonds on or off.

Its sicking to me. Seriously it does make me ill dealing with people that enjoy not understanding internet engineering.

Oh its like watching paint dry easy to me but evades them.

I m not sure if your systems are just retarded or you have no dns control whatsoever now or can even hold your head and your dns can't be felt anymore or what the problem is.

All I know I would love to set up a professional company and well if I was smart and everyone switched to a company with real customer service and likes what they do I can imagine how shaw and telus would respond.

But it just can't be achomplished one would need 1 million dollars a employee base so you could handle all the calls then if you had like 100-120 customers and had just " one gateway with a brain " you could mix PTR set NS for individual numbers to private or external dns do whatever the hell I wanted.

But that would just pay for one person. Reality is this makes you all look stupid.

Mind you John Mcafee does look dumb professionally.... Actually I secretly know he registered it. Where is he these days?

Well I would say nice talking to you guys and reading all your posts but I would be lying.


OK, have fun, let us know how the weight loss, and what not goes
"Recognize, Realize, and Repent"


reply to outsidecage

said by outsidecage :

Its sicking to me. Seriously it does make me ill dealing with people that enjoy not understanding internet engineering.

Oh its like watching paint dry easy to me but evades them....

Oh its not that they don't understand...

Service Center 101:
A)If you appear to be capable of something, your supervisors will demand that something... constantly. Thus pretending to be as ignorant as the average peon tends to save you this extra work because...
B)Everyone in that service tier is being paid the same hourly rate, now matter how much work they do or how well they do it.

That's how people adapt to working in oversized companies in a society that makes money is the bottom line.

In fact in this environment, Its more common than not for these agents to develop tricks just to get out of doing thier job.

I know first hand back to the days I did a bit of work with HP/AOL support. Agents were given a 2 week training course and apparently then could solve any issue, even those who never owned or used a computer before..

When they would be presented with a difficult issue like troubleshooting an internet connection (mostly dial in back then), the agent would realize they have no clue and simply get the user to open up hyperterninal, shoot a few ATDT commands at the modem and get the user disconnected from the phone system, forcing them to call in and wait again in the long distance queue; at which point the disgruntled caller was somebody elses problem.

Par for the course my friend.. par for the course...


Calgary, AB
reply to outsidecage

Hey, if you think you can pull off setting up your own ISP, go for it,

So you are aware, it takes a lot of money to start - I looked at doing it a couple times with a few different people - serving people who have bad dial-up connections...
Yes, I am not employed and looking for IT work. Have passport, will travel.


Victoria, BC
reply to outsidecage

It's pretty expensive laying down all the wire to start a new isp. Then only to be in a position to get business from the fraction of a comparitavely small market.

Then at some point you'd get the point (after 3 customers probably) where you need more manpower then yourself to do the job. You then hire other people to help out.

These people answer the phones and provide technical support. They find that 95% haven't "tried to turn it off an on again" and once again in their mundane tech support jobs, start by asking people if they have tried turning it on and off yet?

lol... there's a reason why tech support ask the basic stupid questions. Most people aren't that techsavvy. If you're only going to sell your product those that are, you're probably screwed.


Calgary, AB

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Even using RF isn't cheap... Good spectrum isn't cheap


reply to zod5000

said by zod5000:

...Most people aren't that techsavvy. If you're only going to sell your product those that are, you're probably screwed.

QFT. big companies do the exact opposite. The fact that they aren't failing is a very pure exemplification of today's society...


reply to outsidecage

Go for it start up your own company and see how it goes!!! I hope you run your own infrastructure, and get it done properly and you will be serving my address with-in 250 years, can't wait!

As for loss of internet because you lost your job well. Most people can some how get free WiFi at their home "some how" if they are tech savy enough which you should be


Cortland, NY

So wait, he gave up internet and wants to start up his own ISP?