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PX Eliezer70
Hutt River

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reply to shaner

Re: [Serious] Nurse who transferred prank call commits suicide

said by shaner:

Why? For making a prank call? Which is pretty much an industry staple in the morning DJ world?

This is more of a comment than a full disagreement. But this station had been in trouble several times before. And while I agree that the DJ's had no idea what this would lead to, they could not have thought that it would lead to anything good.

Further, DJ's can and should amuse their audiences with intelligent discussions, not prank calls.

Here in metro NYC/NJ we have several prominent talk radio stations. I listen to a few of them. And I can't recall a prank call. No sane person wants the FCC or CRTC to come down on them.

said by shaner:

And there wouldn't be calls for their heads if this woman had not killed herself.

Well, actually there [were] even before she killed herself. Impersonating the Queen would be badly viewed even in the US, it's that much worse in a country where she [is] the Queen. And this was a call to a HOSPITAL about a pregnant woman who was ill !!

said by shaner:

Hey, even the venerable Peter Funt of Candid Camera fame sides with the DJ's.

Well, he and his dad made a fortune by being jerks. I'm not surprised.

You wouldn't expect the mob to criticize gambling, bootlegging, or loansharking, would you?

said by shaner:

If these DJ's are responsible for this poor woman's death, then the sanctimonious crowd needs to step back and think about the times in their lives they may have even snickered at another person's misfortune. Like watching America's Funniest Home Videos for example.

I absolutely hate that show. It is a symbol of our cultural decadence.

My wife watches it, which is the only reason I see it sometimes. And one of the recent videos was a guy making a crank call---while driving his car, no less---to a butcher store. Yes, they GLORIFIED an adult making a crank call, which used to be considered anti-social behavior.

said by shaner:

Frankly, the more I think about it, the very hospital this woman worked for is more culpable in her death than the DJ's are. They had direct involvement with her immediately following the incident and chose to leave her alone instead of supervising her for possible suicidal tendencies.

That's a bit of blaming the victim: the hospital's administration and staff were victimized too. And this woman apparently gave no evidence of a problem. Should they have forced her onto antidepressants?


I'm not a prude. I like comedy from the Marx Brothers to George Carlin to SNL, from Benny Hill to Monty Python.

But this wasn't funny, just downright malicious. And stupid, considering the other violations done by this station....

But while I don't think those Australians could envision what would come, and while they may be responsible only for a violation of broadcast law (not for a death), the two of them need to STFU and disappear for a couple of years.

Tavistock NJ
said by PX Eliezer70:

Further, DJ's can and should amuse their audiences with intelligent discussions, not prank calls.

I agree, but most people apparently are much more amused by low life's like Howard Stern & Don Imus. If DJs stuck to intelligent discussion they would lose 2/3rds of their audience.
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