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Montreal, QC
reply to Drift_91

Re: [DSL] Looking to purchase MLPPP - how do the plans work?

All of these prices are on the website as tabs on the page for the given service tier.

So, you want to get two 25/10 lines to get 50/20 total? That's possible (it's what I have right now), but it's very expensive. The cost to do it with 300GB accounts on dry loops (assuming you have no regular phone line and band B) is:

DSL: $52.95 * 2 = $105.90
Dry: $9.10 * 2 = $18.20
MLPPP: $4 * 1 = $4.00
Modem rental: $8 * 2 = $16.00
Monthly total: $144.10
Total with ON tax: $162.83

Setup fee: $95 * 2 = $190.00
Dry loop setup fee: $19.99 * 2 = $39.98
Total setup fees: $229.98
Total with ON tax: $259.88

Total one-year cost (with tax): $2,213.84
Average monthly cost for one year: $184.49

If all you want is to get speeds faster than 6 meg, and you do qualify for 25/10, it's much cheaper to just get a single line.

EDIT: The 25/10 service is VDSL2 and as such you can't use your own modem. It's virtually impossible for an individual to buy a compatible modem anyhow.
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Toronto , ON
From what i understand even if you had your own VDSL modem you still have to pay the modem rental fee every month .


Perth, ON
reply to Guspaz
OK, now I understand a lot better. So I have to purchase a plan for each line that I use. I thought it worked that I bought a 25 plan and then hooked up four modems at 6Mbps to get a total of 24Mbps. Well, in that case I'd be getting multiple 6Mbps plans. Now, if I get two 300GB plans, does that make my total monthly allowance 300GB still, or do I get 600GB from the two 300GB plans?

I also need to know about wiring installation. I currently have a two line drop from Bell to the demarc. One is hooked up and in service for phone and DSL. The other is disconnected and not in service. All the household phone wiring is 2 line wiring (4 conductors), but only two of the conductors are attached to any of the terminals. Would you guys send a tech, or would Bell send a tech to work on the wiring? Also, how much would it cost? I have WireCare from Bell if that would make any difference.
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TSI Martin
Chatham, ON
Here's a good link for your questions.

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