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Re: [MoP] Leveling from 85-90

They also put in:
Grand Commendation
The Grand Commendation system, introduced in patch 5.1.0, allows players to boost reputation gains for all characters on their account with certain Pandaria factions.

Each Grand Commendation is bought for a small sum of gold from the corresponding faction quartermaster. It is a heirloom quality item that must be used after purchase to take effect. Simply having a Grand Commendation in one's bag does nothing.
Grand Commendations are unlocked upon reaching revered reputation with the corresponding faction, and once used, double all reputation gains with that faction for all characters on the account, including the character who originally reached revered. This means that they effectively halve the reputation needed to reach exalted, making the climb from revered to exalted a little shorter (effectively 21,000/2 = 10,500 points) than from honored to revered (12,000 points).

Sadly, this is only for the factions in panda land currently. I hope they expand it for all of WOW land.
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I was getting 4k xp per mob in nax the other day on my 86... I'm wondering if a 5 man group storming through some old raids could be worth it... raids used to suck for xp... but now that you don't have to be in a "raid" group to be inside them i'm noticing more xp. also those 80-81 elites were green to me and easy. I'm not sure about the cata raids... maybe alot of trash like FL would give more being at my level...I wonder if this could be turned into a way to power level a toon...

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said by Snakeoil:

They also put in:

Sadly, this is only for the factions in panda land currently. I hope they expand it for all of WOW land.

The awesome thing about it is that it works for both factions on the account.
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