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Kelowna, BC

[MB] New Payment Policy At SHAW ???

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I've been a loyal SHAW user since 1998 when it was still called @Home and cable internet was first available in my area (Calgary at that time).

For the past few years I haven't had my own account because I lived in a home where the bill was in someone else's name, but recently I bought a new condo and signed up for service in my own name. Got HS20 installed 8 days ago and the installation and service has been fine -- I'm even enjoying the new speeds because the previous service was still the old High Speed (7.5 Mbps).

Today I received via e-mail my first bill .... hmmmm

Invoice Date - Today Dec 10th
Received via E-Mail - Today Dec 10th
Due Date - TODAY DEC 10TH

I'm sorry, but what the fuck ???


Shaw charges one month in advance just like everyone else out there (pretty much) so your new charges are for services you are using but haven't paid for yet.

Official Shaw Rep

reply to fan13027
Hi Richard,

Looks like an issue with the printed bill, probably because it's your first one. I'm not a billing expert, but I belive your actual Due Date is January 1st.

It will correct itself once your second bill arrives. I'll escalate the printing error.



Kelowna, BC
Thanks Alex! I phoned and they basically told me the same thing -- they wouldn't charge late fees if I paid by Jan 01.

But for all the stories I read here about various ISPs, it's exactly when the font line staff say "You have nothing to worry about." that it's time to start worrying