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Bath, ON

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reply to exseven

Re: [INTERNET] New Email problem

Thanks for input.

Telnet eh? I used to know how to do that way back. Hopefully I will figure it out.

I too thought POP & Webmail would share same server. That is why I went to Webmail to look for the messages. I tried accessing the same POP account from two different computers one using WLM and other Windows Mail and neither could download those 4 emails. Yet they are still on Webmail. Newer emails download fine. Nothing in the emails that would flag them for virus/spam etc.

One strange thing I noticed in our webmail account is that there are two inboxes under folders. Both show the same number of messages and memory usage.


Bath, ON

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I got the telnet to work (after activating telnet on Win7!) It showed 14 messages so I retrieved a few, but the wrong ones. Telnet timed out, so I gave up.

Went back to Webmail and I think I can see where problem is.

Main account is under one of my email addresses. There are folders that I set up back when we were actually using webmail. It seems that some, but not all messages get put into the folders. Seems from quote below that then they can't be accessed by POP download.

Advanced mode allows you to manage your e-mail online with online address books, folders, signatures, and access to other POP e-mail accounts. Once you have moved an e-mail into a folder on webmail you will be unable to download it to your PC unless you forward it to yourself. You will also be unable to download any changes made to your webmail address book to your PC.
I tried setting to basic (and also advanced) mode and forwarding the message, but it kept ending up back in folder! I think I will try and eliminate all the folders and see if that helps.

Still don't know why there are two inboxes.

I can see why webmail needs to be changed!

Finally gave up on trying to fix this. Eliminated all folders other than system folders. That still leaves two inboxes, which I don't understand. Eliminated all rules for sorting and set on basic.

Hopefully this will now work?????