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Ballston Spa, NY
reply to Tweakbl

Re: Bombs to Desktop anyone? From MOP Release to 5.1 (Not 5.1a)

said by Tweakbl:

I should mention a few things.

I run Win XP still. So stuck on DX9.0c ( I believe)

ATI 4600 card

Cata introduced this same type Bombing.

I see threads on the WOW Forums about Moshugan Boss Xin the weapons master making folks Bomb off in his throne room.

Also seeing Loot Window Bombs. Such as the interface option to allow the window to pop open to show loot rolls.

I closed this window out, even though I really dig it, cause I like seeing the rolls and who wins things.
The Bombs did decrease after I unchecked the ticker box.

But I still Bomb, Hell sometimes I am sitting still not moving and I alt tab out to check something in Browser and it will Bomb.

Try using a video card driver delete tool (driver sweeper perhaps) reboot, clear all temp files (CCleaner perhaps), reboot, then install latest video card driver, and the latest direct-x (downloadable at Microsoft). Reboot once more and see if that helps.


Rosedale, WV
·HughesNet Satell..
I use Crap Cleaner pretty regularly. (PC Tech here)

But never thought about Old Video Drivers. I am running the latest for my card though.

At this point all indications point to the client. Will post back after I test 5.1a a little.