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Santa Rosa, CA
reply to firetoad

Re: [CenturyTel] Bought my own modem and wow!

Wow a Netopia 3341, that's pretty old. Those were only capable of legacy ADSL speed up to 8096 Kbps downstream. In order to get 10 Meg you needed an ADSL2+ capable modem. Your stats look good. It is normal to see some NE and FE CRC errors. Those are fine as long as they are not hitting in the thousands, say more thay 2 or 3 thousand per 24HR period. That would indicate a problem, although a minor one. The FEC is the Interleave mode doing its job. A lot of people think Interleave is bad as it increasing ping time, but it can make your line perform much better. And it is usually set to a use a maximum of 8ms of ping time for that correction. You will not see any performance difference even when gaming with 8ms.


Danbury, NC

said by WeCo890:

And it is usually set to a use a maximum of 8ms of ping time for that correction.

When I first got DSL from CTL, I was able to email a specific person that was great for getting serious problems fixed when it was beyond tech support, to get interleave either set to the lowest possible setting or turned off. Off/low, my latency to the first hop was between 21ms at night and say 24ms during the day. Default, interleave on/high it's 43-44ms. I'd email him, he'd switch it and it'd stay that way for months and months.

I tried not to do it often and hadn't contacted him about that for like a year. I know it's not his job to do that and it felt kind of like exploiting a really nice person that just wasn't built to say no to people.

So after what feels like a year of having interleave on and 43-44ms to the first hop, I did finally email the general social media tech support address and asked if anybody could put me back on fast path. They did referred it to local engineers and I did get switched, but it only lasted for like an hour overnight before it went back to interleave. I let that be for a while and asked again a few weeks later. Someone lowered the interleave setting and for like half an evening, latency to the first hop was around 36ms. Then right back to 43-44ms.

I'm bummed out. I was able to be on fast path (or low interleave since even 21ms is high compared to what I've seen other CTL customers have) for the first year and longer with no problem. It's not like it'd revert to interleave every few weeks, it'd stay on fast path for months and months at a time. Made gaming possible and enjoyable.

This year has been different. No change in line stats, but getting back on fast path has been virtually impossible. The one time I got back to the setting where it's 21ms, it lasted not even an hour. The second time it hadn't even dropped by 10ms and that didn't last a day either.

44ms to the first hop means gaming is just out of the question. It takes 10-12ms moving from Rocky Mount NC to Ashburn VA, and everything goes through Ashburn. That's 54-56ms total just to go 100 miles to the nearest point where routes start to branch off. Forget hitting servers in Atlanta to Chicago with that. You're already 80+ when you get to Chicago.

Anyway... just blowing off some steam. I asked support if they could do something twice, and they've done something twice. But nothing that ever stuck. It's so annoying when it's so utterly pointless.