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North Coast
reply to wideglide36

Re: [Rant] Best Buy Returns

You didn't say but were the packages visibly damaged on the outside?

If they were you would have been better off refusing delivery, and stating why.

Years ago I purchased a desk for home and when I unpacked it the whole corner was smashed in, the outside box was undamaged, the store replaced it with little problem(I just had to fill out a report), the only way I see that happening is it was damaged and someone put it in a new box hoping to get way with it.

Having worked in Purchasing in a medium size company for twenty years, I have loads of horror stories.

I KNOW someone will say different but you are better off being nice to CSR persons, in many cases they have loads of leeway when it comes to customer "issues".


Altoona, PA
·Future Nine Corp..

The packages had a few minor dings but considering the weight, nothing really out standing.

I'm always "nice" to csr's, my only problem was trying to understand them and also having them understand my concerns. There was definitely a language issue.

The packaging for these items are simply not sufficient and considering the way they're handled by the carriers I'm surprised any of these mini fridges arrive without being damaged.

I just want BestBuy to make arrangements for both of these items to be picked up and returned, and if possible, have one shipped to my local store for me to pick up myself, and if that's not possible, then I would like a full refund. I don't think that's unreasonable.

That's what I tried to convey to the csr and hopefully she understood me. She said I would receive a call from someone from another department and that's the latest info I have.

That was a week ago. At this point, I will either dispute the charges with my credit card company or try to call someone else at BestBuy.

It really shouldn't be this hard to return something....