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Tyler, TX
reply to NormanS

Re: TX - AT&T DSL another lying retention agent_Choices?

Thanks Norman. I checked out Sonic.net (from another post) & saw they're only in CA. No, there don't seem to be any DSL resellers here. Unfortunately, I don't need phone bundling (or its cost), nor cable bundled w/ Inet. But, I'll keep looking.

Lies, half truths, mis information, incompetency, corporate "controlled info" they give CSR's. The Corp. may give one CSR different info than another. It all stinks.
Perhaps this time was a mistake, but at least 3 times, I'm positive AT&T reps have lied. Many, many other times they're "made mistakes." Also plenty of incompetency, poor training to go around.

I believe, just as many have complained on many forums, providers like ATT promise one thing over the phone, then when bill comes / or confirmation (like I got), it's another deal. Lots of business people flat out lie - lawyers, doctors, insurance cos., car dealerships - on & on.

They're banking on enough people NOT calling back to make it worthwhile. If you're not used to dealing w/ these marketers (or maybe untrained), they often try to confuse people. If you don't have the patience or "need" to get back to Vampire Diaries, you probably won't call back.

I've gotten my DSL bill reduced, in last 4 - 5 yrs, totaling many hundreds. Once from 35 to 14.95 for same 3.0 speed. And my GOLDEN RULE is, if I have to call back to straighten out THEIR mistake, I'm going to be compensated. That goes for pretty much anywhere.
Once I ordered a custom PC online. They kept screwing up the order. EVERY one of the 4 - 5 times I had to call back, I demanded another $50 off. Once, they only gave me $25.

I'll be reading up on pros / cons of Uverse & perhaps posting over next few mo.
I think they'll phase out DSL, as many have said & I'll be forced to make some decision.

Houston, TX
»www.oplink.net is a local, Houston based reseller - but since you're making a fuss over $15 going to $28, I wouldn't even bother. Their service will be a bit more expensive for the same speeds since you'd need to add at least a basic phone line and the fees/taxes that come with it.
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