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[CenturyTel] Actiontec C1000A issues

I recently signed up for internet service with Century Link. After my new line was installed to my new construction house, I learned I had a defective router (Linksys x2000). Century Link kept wanting to check the line, so I figured I'd cut out the middle man and just try a different modem. I hooked up my Grandmother's ancient westell modem that Century Link gave to her, put in my log-in settings and I was pulling the full 3.5 megs of service I'm supposed to get.

As a result of confirming the problem was my modem, I purchased a new modem, the C1000A, from Best Buy and returned my grandmother's modem. As it so happens, the C1000A cannot seem to pull the full 3.5 meg. The best I get is 2.8, average is about 2.5. I know it is not the line, given the fact that the Westell could pull the full 3.5 and that the line is brand new. Likewise, it is not the house as the only phone jack I have in it goes straight to the modem and, again, the other modem's effectiveness.

Century Tel is telling me that they are sending a tech out to verify the line (a waste of time IMO) and that I may have yet another defective router (call Actiontec Tech Support - which was worthless as they had me factory reset it and then gave up when the DSL speed did not improve - Actiontec blames Century Tel's service and/or tells me to return the modem). This is troubling as the C1000A is only 2 weeks old.

Are there settings I need to configure to optimize the C1000A's connection to pull down the full 3 meg or will this modem simply never be able to do it? Do I really need to return it to Best Buy and, if so, do I buy another of the same thing because the unit is defective (again, is it?) or should I switch brands?

To be honest, I'm about sick of driving an hour to get to Best Buy and would love to make this work if I can but I don't want to sacrifice my connection to do it. Please help as I am at the end of my rope here. If you need status reports or whatnot I am happy to oblige. Thank you guys in advance.

they call me Mr. Bill
North Las Vegas, NV
Wait for the tech to come out and have him check your line and your modem. In the meantime, post the line stats from the C1000A. SNR and Attenuation would be most helpful, at this point. Also, connect the modem at the NID and check for any significant differences in the stats. This will help confirm your wiring is not an issue.