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Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY
reply to junior70

Re: [Exede] Pole

said by junior70 :

Mine is more like 2 3/8 and most so called 2" are 2 1/4 actual OD.

Regarding pipe sizes, the diameters listed are approximate inside diameter. The actual OD of a 2" Sch40 is 2.375". That's what Hughes specifies. But as Liberty says, there's a reducing coupler available that will neck down a 2" Sch40 pipe to accept the Exede mount.

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Old pole didn't do me any good. The one tree on that entire side was in the way. Set a new pole. Of course I had the old setup neatly ran underground in pipe with good grounding. Wow i get to redo everything and with my luck cables will be 1 inch to short to use existing cable....LOL. So far I love my new speeds with Wildblue. I do like HN data counter better.