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PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
reply to wideglide36

Re: [Rant] Best Buy Returns

said by wideglide36:

Hey PX,

Yes, I have purchased items at this store.

I don't believe they have the exact model that I purchased from Best Buy if that was what you meant.

What I meant was (sorry if I am sounding like a presumptuous ass) that if you had bought from the locally-owned store, you might have paid a little more, but not had all this problem.

And they probably could have gotten the fridge that you wanted, or something very close....

Your story is precisely why I wouldn't buy a major appliance item from Best Buy.

Now, I will buy such things from Sears, but they have their act together far better than Best Buy does. Or else we use the locally-owned businesses.

Respice, Adspice, Prospice
Onion, NJ
What does the local business do differently' drop ship from the internet of local warehouse?
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PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
With a true locally owned business, he can go and talk to the people at the local store, probably even the owner.

Because of this, problems are less likely to occur from the start. They won't screw it up, because they know that an angry customer would march through the door.


With Best Buy, he has to deal with a huge corporation. The people in the local Best Buy branch have neither the motivation, inclination, information, or authority, to do anything for him. AND in this case he was specifically told that the local Best Buy branch was not even part of the picture.


Altoona, PA
·Future Nine Corp..
reply to PX Eliezer70
Totally understand where you're coming from PX.

I do try to shop locally as much as possible and down through the years have purchased various items from this store that you linked to.

Also, understand that I'm cheap like a lot of other folks, and if I see a much much better deal, I will buy online from time to time.

I have never purchased a major appliance online but did in fact buy a big screen TV at Amazon. And when I had problems with the TV, Amazon was great in offering to come and get the set and replace it with a new one. It never came to that though as the problems resolved on their own.

I have purchased other items online from BestBuy and never had any problems, but I realize a small appliance weighing around 95lbs, is another story.

We really like the fridge and want to buy one, but BestBuy needs to step up and help us out.

We could probably get them to send another replacement fridge, but I highly doubt that it would arrive unscathed.

What would be so hard to ship one to our local store for us to pick up there?

Just don't get it.....